• Basic House Cleaning

Includes: Vacuuming, Sweep/Mop, Trash Removal, Dusting, Mirrors, Shower Door/Tub Rim, Toilets, Sinks, Counter Tops. Being a small business, I aim to make your cleaning experience unique to your needs! Any issues, problem areas, or concerns are just a mention away from better living! Let me know what YOU feel is important, and I will be sure to make it my priority! 

  • Deep Cleaning Services

Includes: Basic House Cleaning + Shower/Tub, Baseboards, Light Fixtures, Window Sills, Windows (interior), Ceiling Fans, Air Vents, Outlets, Walls, Upholstery Cleaning (Additional Charge). (+ any area that will make your living experience cleaner, brighter, and more welcoming).

  • Maintenance Cleaning

After scheduling a Basic Cleaning or Deep Cleaning, I offer keep-up at a lower rate! Schedule for Maintenance Cleaning, and Save!

  • Emergency Cleaning

This service is just what it sounds like! Maybe your family is coming for a visit, or they just left. Maybe your kiddos made a mess with slime, or something just needs immediate attention.  Call me for this service and (at an additional charge) I will come ASAP!

  • Move Out/In Cleaning

Includes: Floors, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Cabinets, Refrigerator, Oven, Windows (Interior), Baseboards, Closet, Walls, Outlets, Dusting/Cobweb Removal. 

  • Office Cleaning

Includes: Trash Removal, Floors, Counters/Desks, Vacuuming, Mirrors, Windows (Interior), Bathrooms (Toilet, Sink).

    • Carpet Cleaning

    Includes: Vacuuming, Carpet Shampooing, Spot Stain Removal! It's recommended that carpets are shampooed every 3-6 months! Carpets are a breeding ground for bacteria and large contributor to the smell of your home! Schedule my Carpet Cleaning service to maintain a cleaner home, the smells amazing!  

    • Steam Cleaning

    Includes: Steam Cleaning. Steam cleaning is an eco friendly way to maintain a sanitary space. Not only does steam sanitize, it can remove stubborn dirt and grime. I offer steam cleaning on counters, floors, carpet, upholstery, and backsplash. If it needs sanitizing, I can steam it! 

    • Large/Small Appliance Deep Cleaning

    Includes: Any Appliance! I clean Washer/Dryers, Ovens, Fridges, Microwaves, Air Fryers, Toasters.  You name it, I clean it! Cleaning appliance's greatly improves their longevity and function! 

    • Interior Auto Detailing

    Includes: The entire interior of your car! From Dash to Trunk, all Fabrics, leathers, and plastics. 


    If you have questions about my services or if you need a type of service I did not mention, contact me! I will gladly come to quote any space, no matter the size or mess!