About Brettany:

I was born and raised right here in Richland, Wa. This community is more then where I live, it's where I raise my children, where I spend time with my friends and family, and where I want to grow. Being local means I care about the impact I make. I want to make our community a better place to live, one space at a time! 

About Beautify by Brettany:

Beautify by Brettany is an interior cleaning service unique to your needs. My aim is to provide a clean space so you will have a clear mind, every time! Our space, and the relationship we have to our enviornment play a huge role in how we feel and behave day to day. I know how busy life can become, and I want to help you save time and energy while maintaining a space that feels welcoming. I'm a small business owner, so my brand is my name. That means, I will always go the extra mile to provide a level of service that stands out from the rest, and allows my customers to rest easy. 

Beautify by Brettany is Licensed and Bonded!

About Pricing:

Each house is unique! I provide a custom quote for each house (or vehicle) that fits the needs of the individual. This includes a walk through, where I can collect information about your needs, wants, potential allergies, problem areas, and material types. Together we will generate a cleaning service that will truly serve YOU.